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Welcome to  This is a site where you can find many articles on Silverlight, Windows Phone 7 and .NET related technologies.  

My name is Bart Czernicki.  I have been working with computers since 1988 and have over 12 professional years in the IT field focusing on architecture, technology strategy and product management.  I currently work as a Sr. Software Architect at a large software development company.

Below is the cover of my new book that shows how Silverlight's unique RIA features can be applied to create next-generation business intelligence (BI 2.0) applications.

Silverlight 4 Business Intelligence Soft 


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NONE of the comments or opinions expressed here should be considered ofmy past or current employer(s).  The code provided is as-is without anyguarantees or warranties.

Silverlight 3 Relase Download Links and Installation Instructions

Silverlight 3 has been released here are some of the released links:

Silverlight 3 Runtime
Blend 3 with Sketchflow
VS 2008 Tools
.NET RIA Services (July 2009)
Silverlight Control Toolkit (July 2009)
Change list of the Silverlight Control Toolkit:
DeepZoom Composer
Seven Additional Navigation Themes

Still waiting on these:

  • Bing Enterprise Map Control for Silverlight (currently in CTP)
  • ADO.NET Data Services (currently 1.5 CTP)
  • Prism Update (saw some blog post MVVM templates they were adding to the framework)
  • Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1/2 tools for Silverlight 3 RTW
  • Other (Silverlight Mobile maybe (?), XBOX Developer Add-Ons etc.)

Installation notes for developers:

  • You need to uninstall EVERYTHING Silverlight developer related to get it to work: Silverligh 3 SDK, Visual Studio 2008 Tools, Blend 3 Beta.  Otherwise you will get a message saying your developer tools are out of date.
  • Silverlight Control Toolkit March 2009 will not work with Silverlight 3 RTM
  • Expression Blend 3 is NOT RTM it is apparently RC (Update: the version out now is RC, which will work with Silverlight 3 RTM.  Expression Studio 3 RTM is shipping within the next 30 days.)
  • When you upgrade your projects from Silverlight 2/3 Beta to Silverlight 3 RTM make sure you have the correct assemblies referenced!  Note some controls have moved from the SDK to the Control Toolkit and vice versa.

Installation Order (if you have Visual Studio 2008 SP1)

  1. VS 2008 Silverlight Tools (installs the runtime, SDK as well)
  2. Expression Blend 3 Trial
  3. .NET RIA Services
  4. Silverlight Control Toolkit

Installation notes for casual users:

  • Your users will automatically be upgraded to Silverlight 3 (if they have the auto update selected, which is the default).They can always upgrade manually.
  • If you are developing a product on Silverlight 2, you should turn off automatic updates of the runtime...just in case.
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